API overview

    This guide is primarily intended for developers, who is responsible for server-server integration with WapStart Plus1 Ad Network.

    In order to use API, developer MUST be registered at WapStart Plus1 Ad Network and have an ad space with SID.

    API endpoint and versioning

    API versions are maintained using the endpoint to which requests need to be sent. Current stable endpoint is http://api.plus1.wapstart.co/v1

    Server-server requests

    To start showing ads on current ad space developer MUST implement two steps:

    Ad request

    Developer MUST send valid HTTP POST request with JSON-encoded body to http://api.plus1.wapstart.co/v1/ads/{SID}.json

    You can also use Google Protocol Buffers format. In this case you should send request to http://api.plus1.wapstart.co/v1/ads/{SID}.pb with Google Protobuf encoded body.

    Please ensure that you are sending Content-Type header which depends on request format:

    • For JSON-encoded ads data Content-Type: application/json;
    • For Protobuf-encoded ads data Content-Type: application/octet-stream or Content-Type: application/x-protobuf.

    On successful request WapStart servers will return HTTP response depending on ads presence for current SID:

    • Response code = 200; See JSON-encoded or Protobuf-encoded ads data which depend on request url;
    • Response code = 204; There is no ads for current SID.

    View detailed information about request
    and response »

    View tracking request

    For each ad in response for ad request we provide vlink field, which contains an URL for pingback when an actual view of current ad happens.

    Developer MUST send valid HTTP GET request to an URL from vlink field ( simply add 1x1 GIF image with "src" attribute equal to this URL <img src="{vlink}"/> )